"As an endurance athlete all my life, all I did was train to be fit.  My mistake was that I didn’t also train to be healthy. Frankly, I thought one meant the other. Recently, I found out I was sorely wrong. Even though I’ve run across the entire country, completed 130 marathons and 8 Ironman Triathlons and have done many other feats of endurance, I did all this not knowing I had coronary heart disease. And here I thought all along I was invincible, Superman-like…yeah, right.  Well, that all went down the tubes with one CAT scan. However, the good news is that I didn’t need a second opinion and went at it like I’ve attacked any challenge in my life – no holds barred.  In four months, I’ve lost 27 lbs. (not that I had much to lose to begin with but this is still good) and lowered my cholesterol level by 75 points. And today, I feel great and running stronger than I have in the past 15 years.  How does this all tie into “Race Stronger, Life Longer”? Well, to me, this book can SAVE YOUR LIFE! I wish it was around 10 years ago.  I am just lucky I was able to detect something wrong with me. Some folks don’t get that chance. Mark Song’s book will help not only educate you about the possible dangers you could be heading for, but he motivates and inspires you to get regular check-ups and to not only train to be fit, but to train to be healthy.  If I only knew then what I know now!  Make sure you read this book now, it will ensure that you will be able to read the next one and many more down the road."

Dave McGillivray
Race Director, Boston Marathon
USA Triathlon Hall of Fame


"In his book, Race Stronger, Live Longer!, Mark Song persuasively interweaves his personal experience as a triathlete  with sound medical principles that he has seen played out year after year during his shifts as an emergency room physician. Using specific patient examples and insight from his own athletic misadventures and triumphs, the author has created a book that succinctly yet scientifically addresses issues faced by athletes of all levels and ages. He avoids the fads which change year to year or even month to month among triathletes and gives us an immensely readable and practical guideline to diet, training, and recovery that will last and quite possibly extend an active lifetime."

Bob Laird, MD
Medical Director, Ironman World Championship
Ironman Hall of Fame


“Race Stronger, Live Longer is loaded with helpful information and practical advice on how best to put these lessons into action. A must read for anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.” 

Dean Karnazes
Endurance athlete and NY Times bestselling author
Two-time Emmy Award winner, 2005, 2007 


"Mark Song pours his passion for health, his love of sport, and his decades of experience as a physician onto the pages of this book. In a captivating and personal style, he demonstrates convincingly that management of risk is as critical a component of well-being and fitness as genetics, diet and training. This is a must-read for anyone, amateur or professional, interested not only in improved athletic performance but improved quality of life."

Cherie Gruenfeld
11 time Ironman Age Group World Champion
1 time 70.3 Age group World Champion


"Race Stronger, Live Longer! is a wake-up call for athletes who think they are "fit" from all the exercise they do, but don't do their due diligence to get regular test screenings to find out if they are truly healthy or have health risks they should be aware of or take care of. Our bodies are like cars and if we just drive them fast without regular maintenance they will breakdown or have catastrophic failure. I have been guilty of this myself and am now using the advice in the book to get regular exams in areas recommended. Everyone's goal is to live a long and healthy life. In Race Stronger, Live Longer! Dr. Song gives great advice on how to achieve this.  

Dr. Song also gives outstanding advice on race nutrition, hydration, pacing and more from his extensive personal experiences in Ironman racing which could benefit many who are new to endurance sports racing or have not reached their personal potential for making mistakes in these key areas."

Michael Collins
Irvine Novaquatics Head Masters Swim Coach
US Masters Swimming Coach of the Year


"Those of us who are lucky enough to train regularly with Mark know he “walks the walk and talks the talk”. We listen, observe and are healthier and happier for it. In Race Stronger, Live Longer!, Dr. Song lays out his hard learned expert advice on ironman racing, nutrition, hydration and best of all: a cardiovascular risk evaluation formula that just might save your life!

Surviving cancer and racing age group triathlon for 28 years has taught me a valuable lesson: being physically fit and leading a healthy life style alone will not guarantee you longevity. Knowing your cardiovascular risk factors and adjusting your life accordingly is the best early warning detection you can have. 

Dr Songs racing stories and emergency room adventures combine with his “laid back” Hawaiian aloha for an entertaining and informative read. Over 60 combined  years of triathlon and medical expertise are at your fingertips; grab a copy and enjoy the ride!"

Robert Kinney
President, Newport Coast Triathlon Team
4-time ITU Worlds Team USA 


"Dr. Song has passionately captured the essence of what drives endurance athletes of all levels from a perspective that can only have been earned. He eloquently synthesizes the experiences and viewpoints of the athlete, the race physician, the exercise physiologist, the event producer, the volunteer, and the love ones on the sidelines and enables each to understand what keeps the other coming back time after time. His has distilled the complexity of the science and the visceral experience of being there or participating, into a captivating read for the athlete, the healthcare professional or the layperson. Race Stronger Live Longer is the seminal encapsulation of what it means to compete, experience, and achieve in endurance sport."

Samuel J. Gutman, MD 
Medical Director, Ironman Canada